Thinking of building a compact mixing console solution for your band?

Arie van der Poel and monitor engineer Justin Grealy discuss how to build a compact mixing console for touring artists. A small footprint can save money on transport, and provides artists with greater flexibility on the road.

In the video we describe how to setup up 2 Behringer X32 cores and an S32 Stagebox. One is used for monitors, and the other for Front of House (FOH), with dual tablets used for control. An Extreme Waves Server and X-WSG card provides connection to Waves Multirack for extra flexibility. The entire rig is build to fly, at a combined weight of about 23 kilograms.

This talk is from the PLASA Focus Leeds trade show in 2018. We use a similar rig now, but with one X32 Core operating monitors and Waves LV1 operating Front of House (FOH). We’ll do a breakdown on this rig soon!

Check out the video below for more info on our compact rig: