We had an amazing time with Los Angeles based alternative R&B band Moonchild on tour throughout the UK and EU in 2020.

Chuckwalla Touring supplied Moonchild with:

  • Combined Sound Engineer / Tour Manager
  • Discounted backline and van hire
  • Full audio package including:
    • FOH & Monitors consoles
    • Microphone package
    • Custom cabling
    • IEM solutions
    • Merchandise sales solutions

Here’s what they had to say about the tour!

Chuckwalla is the BEST! As a band we’ve done about 5 years of intensive touring and in that time we’ve never felt more taken care of than when we toured with Chuckwalla as our sound engineer/tour manager. They made us feel so comfortable on stage (our in-ear mixes were perfect every night) and they were incredibly organized and always remained calm in dealing with any problems that arose. Touring can sometimes be a stressful experience, but Chuckwalla’s personality and professionalism made our tour with them such a breeze.

Andris Mattson (Moonchild)

From a manager’s perspective, Chuckwalla made things easy on us to the point of near-absurdity. They know their way around every part of the live business: advancing, routing, logistics and planning, settlements, the list goes on. And those bullet points don’t even touch upon their considerable abilities as a front of house engineers and production managers. I’d write more but it would just be reiterations of these same themes. They’re an ideal fit.

Daniel Kellner On The Bus Management (Moonchild, Kiefer)